Quiet Tongues


Ever seen the light in someone's eyes fading away?

Glimmer and a spark that's hard to describe that you chase every day.

J'suis ennui, my accessory.

Horse to water, make it drink. Hue of sky, ash and pink.

Light shining. I'm blinded by the corners of the room.

You see things in Monochrome. I see things in technicolor.

WATCH: Our latest single 'She's Velvet!'

Live Shows

Fri 2 Feb 2024 // 7pm
@ The Fiddler's Elbow, CAMDEN LONDON
w/ Eugene La and S for Sierra
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Four piece indie outfit Quiet Tongues are the best kept secret on south London’s music scene.

Drawing from shoegaze soundscapes, bludgeoning riffs of desert rock and the melodic vocals of singer songwriters, Quiet Tongues embody a direct but introspective brand of indie rock. Clashing the existential worries of modern life with the diversity of what comes with living in it, QT mould these themes into vibrant brushes of contemplation and celebration.

Seth - Vox/Guitars

Jack - Guitars

Dom - Drums

Dan - Bass